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logos-latchwaysLatchways is a group of companies dedicated to protecting the safety of individuals working at height. In just 30 years, Latchways has grown to a position of eminence in fall protection solutions and its systems set the standards for quality, efficiency and value the world over.

The Latchways ManSafe fall protection range is used around the world on tall buildings and structures as diverse as office blocks, industrial units, leisure and retail complexes, telecommunications towers, bridges and electricity pylons. The products themselves are innovative in their design and manufactured to the highest quality. In turn, a global network of specialist approved partner companies provides the assurance that product quality is matched by equally high standards of installation and maintenance.

Over the years the company has continuously researched new ways of improving worker safety at height while aligning its product range to the evolving needs of the marketplace and legislation governing it. The company has also consistently grown its skills and knowledge resources. On the basis of this, a free design and specification service has been launched to support clients, architects, contractors and installers.

Latchways also monitors legislative developments around the world and maintains close contact with user groups and professional bodies to ensure a quick response with applicable products and services to emerging needs in the marketplace. Importantly, the company’s product leadership is today supported by a global network of highly trained specialist installers and contractor companies.

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